MyAT Remote Configuration

MyAT Remote Configuration

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TCSAccess provides Remote Assistive Technology configuration and orientation of AT software and hardware devices. Upon purchase of this package TCSA specialists will contact you to schedule the services, will create a remote connection or video connection to work with you to custom configure your device. This service is capped at 2 hours, additional service hours can be purchased if needed.

Examples include:

- Creating a JAWS Profile

- Custom Dragon Profiles

- Configuring ZoomText settings

- Overview of handheld and desktop magnifiers

- Connecting and identifying braille displays

Equitable access through Assistive Technology.

The Assistive Technology Store is powered by iYellow Access. For over 25 years, iYellow Access has continued to raise the bar in innovative, accessible solutions. We provide consulting and advocacy support to disability-centric organizations, along with educating and supporting rehabilitation services, educational institutions, and government agencies in the area of accessibility and inclusion.