We believe that everyone should have equitable access, so we do everything we can to make that reality possible. By providing the necessary tools, we can empower those with disabilities while fostering independence.

Our History

In 1982, Abacus N Bytes, Inc. was founded by Myrna and Phil Aiello – Deaf entrepreneurs. Years later, it expanded into TCS Access and TCS Interpreting and Captions.

Each company under our banner works together to assist those who are blind, Deaf, DeafBlind, visually impaired, hard-of-hearing, and visually impaired, as well as those with an intellectual impairment or physical disability.

Why We Do It

Through The Assistive Technology Store, we offer various types of Assistive Technology to bridge the gap at schools, the workplace, and beyond. But our work doesn’t stop when you make a purchase. We even offer expert training, so you know how to properly utilize this technology, maximizing the benefits.

Our founder and CEO, Jessica Aiello, and COO, Jane Gelman, are always striving to empower the lives of those who can take advantage of Assistive Technology, removing as many barriers as possible along the way.

Our Path to Achieving Equitable Access

Raise the Bar

We need to rise above the status quo, always holding ourselves to higher expectations.

Celebrate Differences

Diversity should be celebrated, which is why we search for unique qualities when bringing someone new to our team.

Be in it Together

Every challenge should be worked through together, and every triumph should be experienced together.

Make No Assumptions

Assumptions only lead to a steady status quo. Our goal is to move forward.

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Equitable access through Assistive Technology.

The Assistive Technology Store is powered by iYellow Access. For over 25 years, iYellow Access has continued to raise the bar in innovative, accessible solutions. We provide consulting and advocacy support to disability-centric organizations, along with educating and supporting rehabilitation services, educational institutions, and government agencies in the area of accessibility and inclusion.