MyAT Remote Assessments

MyAT Remote Assessments

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Our assessments are performed remotely. Remote assessment conducted with the aid of remote access software in which a link is sent in advance of the assessment that will allow the TCSA AT Specialist to remotely view the user’s computer. All assessments consider the context of the specific targeted tasks as well as current-in use technologies. TCSA’s unique experience in professional AT accommodations enables our specialists to perform unbiased assessments and recommendations aimed at increasing efficiency and effectiveness of AT user.

The assessment takes approximately 3 hours and covers the following areas:

- Functional use and AT specific goals

- Basic knowledge of computer processes

- Keyboarding, knowledge of both alphanumeric and non-standard keys and ability to issue keyboard commands

- Previous Assistive Technology use, awareness, and skills

- Microsoft Office skills (tailored to specific goals or tasks)

- Review of any specific tasks other than Office

Following the assessment, TCSA will provide a detailed summary of observations and recommendations for additional technology and training if required.

Equitable access through Assistive Technology.

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